Accuracy of clinical assessment of deep-vein thrombosis

Field Value
Model ID95-007-01
Model NameWells Score
Pubmed ID7752753
First AuthorWells
TitleAccuracy of clinical assessment of deep-vein thrombosis
Primary Index ConditionVenous Thromboembolism (VTE)
Secondary Index ConditionDiagnosis
OutcomeVenous Thromboembolism (VTE)
Model Sample Size529
Cohort Sample Size529
Number of Events135
Follow-Up DurationDiagnosis
Calibration Reported1
CovariatesActive cancer (treatment ongoing or within previous 6 months or palliative); Paralysis, paresis, or recent plaster immobilization of the lower extremities; Recently bedridden >3 days and/or major surgery within 4 weeks; Localized tenderness along the distribution of the deep venous system; Thigh and calf swollen; Calf swelling 3 cm >symptomless side; Strong family history of DVT; History of recent trauma (>=60 days) to symptomatic leg; Pitting oedema; symptomatic leg only; Dilated superficial veins (non-varicose) in symptomatic leg only; Hospitalization within previous 6 months; Erythema
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Number of Validations6

External Validations

1st Author Year Sample Size AUC Calibration Relatedness
Wang 2012 405 NR Yes Related
Silveira 2015 1135 0.60 No Distantly Related
Kline 2010 10734 0.74 No Distantly Related
Constans 2003 444 0.76 No Related
Constans 2003 282 0.78 No Related
de Barros 2016 461 0.87 No Related