Contemporary model for cardiovascular risk prediction in people with type 2 diabetes

Field Value
Model ID11-060-01
Model NameAction in Diabetes and Vascular disease: preterax and diamicron-MR controlled evaluation (ADVANCE)Risk Engine - Score
Pubmed ID21450612
First AuthorKengne
JournalEuropean Journal of Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation
TitleContemporary model for cardiovascular risk prediction in people with type 2 diabetes
Primary Index ConditionPopulation Sample
Secondary Index ConditionDiabetes Mellitus (DM)
Model Sample Size7168
Cohort Sample Size7168
Number of Events473
Follow-Up DurationLong (>6 months)
Calibration Reported1
CovariatesAge at diagnosis: 29-34 years; Age at diagnosis: 35-39 years; Age at diagnosis: 40-44 years; Age at diagnosis: 45-50 years; Age at diagnosis: 51-56 years; Age at diagnosis: 57-62 years; Age at diagnosis: 63-68 years; Age at diagnosis: 69-74 years; Age at diagnosis: 75-80 years; Age at diagnosis: 81-86 years; Known duration: 0 years; Known duration: 1-5 years; Known duration: 6-10 years; Known duration: 11-15 years; Known duration: 16-20 years; Known duration: 21-25 years; Known duration: 26-30 years; Known duration: 31-35 years; Known duration: 36+ years; Sex: men; Sex: women; No atrial fibrillation; Atrial fibrillation: old or present; Retinopathy: no; Retinopathy: yes; Treated hypertension: no; Treated hypertension: yes; Pulse pressure <50 mmHg; Pulse pressure 50-110 mmHg; Pulse pressure 111+ mmHg; HbA1c <6%; HbA1c 6-<9%; HbA1c 9+ %; Normoalbuminuria; Microalbuminuria; Macroalbuminuria; Non HDL-c <3 mmol/l; Non HDL-c 3-<6 mmol/l; Non HDL-c 6-<9 mmol/l; Non HDL-c 9+ mmol/l
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Number of Validations3

External Validations

1st Author Year Sample Size AUC Calibration Relatedness
Leeuw 2014 453 0.62 Yes Related
Leeuw 2014 1174 0.67 Yes Distantly Related
Leeuw 2014 584 0.68 Yes Related